The ONE YEAR Women in Christian History releases Monday!

The One Year Women in Christian History by Randy Petersen and Robin Shreeves | southjerseylocavore.comI’m so excited to announce that my book The ONE YEAR Women in Christian History Devotional (Tyndale House) officially releases on September 1! Unofficially, Amazon has been shipping it for a week or so already.

If you’re wondering why this environmentalist and foodie wrote a book in the Christian devotional category, let me give you a little background on my eduction. I have a B.S. in Bible from Cairn University and an English teaching certification from Rowan University. When I first started writing about treading more lightly on the earth, I spent some time deciding if I wanted to be a Christian environmentalist or an environmentalist who happens to be a Christian. I chose the latter, not wanting to box myself into such a specific niche. All these years later, I know it was the smart decision. My faith has always informed my environmentalism, but so has science, and sometimes Christian people and science clash (although I don’t believe that the Christian faith and science clash).

When I decided to write instead of going back to teaching when my boys were a little older, my friend Randy Petersen, a seasoned writer, offered to mentor me and eventually we decided to write together. We co-wrote The One Year Women in Christian History, and I will forever be grateful for his guidance and support during this project.

What’s the book about? It’s about strong, intelligent, brave, faithful women throughout history who are part of the Christian heritage. Some of the women are from the Bible, but the majority are women from throughout history – from the earliest recorded Christian women to a few young Christian women from today. Randy and I spent many, many months researching women and learning their stories. Often one of the most difficult parts was condensing someone’s story down to one page.  Along the way I was introduced to many amazing women, and I am a changed woman because of some of them. The entire experience was humbling in many ways.

I would be honored if any of my SJL readers picked up a copy of my book. If you do, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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