Heritage Vineyards is shipping free to NJ residents

THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! The ability to go online, order my favorite NJ wines, and have them shipped directly to my home. It’s what we all fought so hard for over the past couple of years with the New Jersey wine shipping bill, and the results of the passage of the bill are beginning to become evident. All of the kinks haven’t been worked out yet as far as each individual winery being able to ship in and out of state or out of state wineries being able to ship to us here in NJ, but Heritage Vinyeards is starting to work out their kinks and now has the ability to ship to our state and many others.

Earlier this week on Heritage Vineyards’ Facebook page, they announced that they are now able to ship to many states, and through August 2012, as a thank you to everyone who supported the wine shipping legislation, Heritage is offering free shipping on 3 bottles or more to New Jersey residents!

I’ll be ordering their Dry Rose ($13)  so for the rest of the summer I can enjoy the Spanish-Style Sangria that’s made from it. I first had the Sangria at Heritage’s this past Mother’s Day when my men took me there to do a wine tasting. I’m usually not a big Sangria fan, but this Sangria was lighter than most with just the right amount of citrus fruit and sugar added to be a refreshing, perfectly summery drink. Rich Heritage has graciously allowed me to share the recipe with you.


  •         2 oranges
  •         1 lemon
  •         1 lime
  •          ½ c. Sugar
  •          Bottle of Heritage Dry Rose’
  •          Ice
  •         Slices of orange, lemon & lime


1)    Juice the oranges, lemon and lime into a pitcher; strain juice into a separate pitcher to remove pulp.

2)    Add one bottle of Heritage Dry Rose’ to the strained juice; stir in sugar.

3)    Add ice and sliced fruit to combined ingredients; stir and serve in stemware of choice.


Rich had this to say about the Sangria.

The Rose Sangria was our winemaker’s idea (Sean Comninos).  When he traveled through Spain the traditional Spanish Rose Sangria was a favorite of his.  This sparked our inspiration to feature the Rose Sangria style for this summer.  We are big advocates of keeping Sangria simple and focusing on the citrus component. Too much fruit gives you more of a “fruit punch” effect which is what you don’t want.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for when the other wineries in the state announce they’re ready to ship. This is a very exciting time for our state’s wineries, and for our state’s wine lovers, too!


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