Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association’s name the wine contest. I want to win it.

The Outer Coastal Plain is a designated American Viticultural Area that’s located in Southeastern New Jersey. It includes more than 20 wineries and commercial vineyards in the region. The wineries of the Outer Coastal Plain have come together to create a red blend representing the best of local wine crafters made from grapes around the region. The wine can be tasted in the tasting rooms of several local wineries, but has yet to be named.

The Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association is holding a contest to name this blend. The grand prize winner will get the honor of having named the wine plus The  one bottle from each participating OCPVA winery. I’ve already entered the contest. I didn’t think too long about it – just went with the first thing I thought was clever enough. I’d love to win an entire case of wine plus have the distinction of having named this blend. But, I’m not so greedy that I won’t share the info with you all.

I haven’t had a chance to taste this wine yet? Have any of my readers? How is it?


  1. you are not giving me the right ansewr 🙁

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