Just Peachy, the super salsa that tastes great and solves problems

Congressman Rob Andrews talks how Just Peachy Salsa is an example of the American people’s innate ability to be problem solvers during a Food Bank of South Jersey’s press conference.

Yesterday, press conference held by the Food Bank of South Jersey about their Just Peachy salsa was very informative. I finally had the opportunity to give the salsa a try, and it is good. Very good. I expected a fruit-based salsa to be overly-sweet, but this is just slightly sweet with just a hint of hotness to it.

The food bank’s CEO Val Traoré told us how the salsa came to be. When the food bank discovered that a peach farm co-op was sending tons of edible, but imperfect, peaches to the landfill each year, to the tune of $85,000 to have it hauled away, the wheels started turning on how those peaches could be used for good. The food bank took their ideas to Campbell Soup, and the soup company ran with the idea. They developed a recipe, helped create the product, and worked with them to get the salsa on retail shelves. Employees of Campbell Soup even hand labeled the jars – all 42,000 of them.

Congressman Rob Andrews also spoke, and he sees the salsa has an example of how the American people have an innate ability to be problem solvers. This salsa, he says, solves four problems.

  1. It solves the farmers problem of having to pay to have perfectly good peaches that they grew hauled away at a considerable expense.
  2. It solves an environmental problem. When the peaches end up in a landfill, they help to create methane gas, a greenhouse gas. Keeping them out of the landfill reduces those gasses.
  3. The Food Bank solves a funding problem. They are always in need of more money because there are always hungry people. The salsa generates revenue for them.
  4. And families solve the problem of how to put healthy food on the table. The salsa is all-natural, low in sugar, salt and calories.

Talk about a super food.

Shop Rite is going to start carrying Just Peachy or you can go to the Just Peachy Salsa page on the food bank’s website and find other locations that sell it.


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