Thanksgiving gratitude: It comes down to some basics this year.

I saw this on the side of a bus stop in the Meat Packing District in NYC earlier this fall. That’s my reflection in the glass. This year, I have learned that I am stronger than my fears, and I am overwhelmingly grateful for this knowledge.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m posting this the day before Thanksgiving because tomorrow, I’m taking off. No writing. No checking my RSS feed. No looking at emails. It will be nice. But today is a work day, and I want to take a few minutes of it to put some gratitude out there. I’m sticking with a top 10 list simply to give myself some structure. This year, I am incredibly grateful for many things, including..

  1. My family. Brian and my boys are gifts that I should never take for granted. I am very grateful for who I have been given to care for and who cares for me.
  2. My struggles. It’s been a tough year. A hard year. And it’s tempting to want the difficult stuff just to go away, but I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m grateful for what I’ve learned. I am one tough woman, and I am stronger than my fears.
  3. My friends. The older I get, the more I understand the difference between friends of the soul and good acquaintances. I have both, and I’m thankful for that. My friends of the soul have been amazing this year.
  4. My bedroom. We took the time and the money to have work done in our bedroom over the summer. It was the one room in the house that we hadn’t touched since we moved in. We now call it our grown up bedroom. It’s calm and pleasant to look at. We’ve taken the time to chose furniture and fabrics that make us feel good when we enter the room.
  5. My job. I get to write for a living from the comfort of my own home. I write about things I’m passionate about. I have a book deal, a steady gig with Mother Nature Network, and several other clients. I know how fortunate I am to get to do what I do.
  6. My ability to give my children choices. My oldest is going to high school next year. He’s seriously considering going to a technical high school and studying graphic design along with his academic subjects. The fact that Brian and I can give him that choice is something I’m thankful for.
  7. My healthcare. Healthcare is such a big issue right now. I’m grateful that Brian’s job gives us coverage. I’m grateful that for our entire marriage, we have been covered by insurance. Our youngest son has had three concussions this year. We have the ability to get him excellent care.
  8. My president. I’m very thankful that President Obama was re-elected. There are so many problems our country is facing right now, and I’m not naive enough to think that any one man can fix them or even that it’s the federal governments job to fix all the problems. But I believe he’s a good, spiritual, intelligent man who will put people first. And, he comes with Michelle who is all sorts of awesome and good for our food systems and our families.
  9. My personal trainer, Peggy. I’ve been losing weight and working out. I have a trainer who is inspiring, ass kicking, and always makes me laugh.
  10. My city, Philadelphia. I know I live in South Jersey, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Philadelphia this past year. The restaurants, the parks, the culture, the hotels, the shopping… I find myself crossing the bridge more and more. The city invigorates me.

I hope that you have as much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as I do. Enjoy your feast tomorrow, and I’ll meet you back here on Monday.


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