Reasons to be excited this New Year: A finished book, good cheese, the Bard & more

mini-Shakespeare shrine |

The mini-shrine I have to Shakespeare in my office. See why I’m excited about The Year of the Bard?

Happy New Year! I’m excited about many things at the beginning of 2014. At the top of my list is an important project that I finished last Saturday. I’ve mentioned a few times over the past couple of years that I was writing a book. Well the first draft is finished and sent off to the publisher! I owe my writing partner an enormous amount of gratitude for his patience with me during this process and his guidance. I’ll have more details about the book as it gets closer to publication. It actually has nothing to do with food or sustainability. Curious, aren’t you?

The book is one of the reasons why South Jersey Locavore has become neglected. The other reason, as I mentioned in November is that I’m refocusing my personal blog. I’m planning on ending SJL and have a new blog up and running by early spring. I’ll leave this blog up so the content is still available, but I want to start from scratch with a new name and new content. Until then, I plan to still post here with the types of posts that will be on the new blog.

What else am I excited about? Here are a few things on my radar this month that I’m loving. I am sure at least one of these things will be of interest to you, too.

  • The Farm and the Fisherman Tavern and Market – I hope to have a more detailed post about this new restaurant that opened in Cherry Hill late last year soon, but until then, I want to encourage you to check it out. I’ve been there half a dozen times already, and I’ve tried a good deal of their menu that features local and sustainable dishes. The food is great. The service is excellent. In fact, I think I just decided to go there for lunch today now that it’s on my mind.
  • The Year of the Bard: Shakespeare at 450 – Before I was a writer by profession, I was a high school English teacher. I loved teaching Shakespeare. I’m thrilled that the Free Library of Philadelphia is dedicating 2014 to Shakespearean events. There will be plays and events. It all kicked off yesterday with free music and a performance at the library. Starting January 27, an exhibition at the library will feature Shakespeare’s First Folio—one of the rarest books in existence—as well as the second, third, and fourth. It will also include editions of his plays, many beautifully illustrated, over the course of four centuries. I’ll keep you informed of the various events throughout the year.
  • Cheese Ball II: A Cave Raising – Madame Fromage, the Philadlephia-based cheese blogger, is hosting a Cheese Ball on January 18. I can’t wait to attend. I missed the first Cheese Ball, but this one has been written in ink* on my calendar since it was announced. Tenaya (Madame’s real name) is celebrating good cheese and she’s also raising funds for Sue Miller, cheese maker at Birchrun Hills Farm, to help her build a cheese cave. The event, held at RUBA club in the Northern Liberties section of the city, is open to all lovers of excellent cheese. Admission is a wedge of good cheese and a $10 donation for the cheese cave.
  • Ritz Theatre Co.’s production of HMS Pinafore – I have never seen a Gilbert and Sullivan production (unless you count the 1980s Pirates of Penzance movie that I watched solely for Rex Smith). My interest in G&S has been piqued by the references to their musicals on West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (I’ll watch anything Aaron Sorkin writes). The Ritz Theatre Co. in Oaklyn, NJ is kicking off their 2014 season with HMS Pinafore, an early G&S work, and I’m finally going to find out what Sorkin finds so inspiring.

*Written in ink – It’s now just a figure of speech, isn’t it? Does anyone keep a paper calendar anymore where they write the definite appointments in ink and “pencil in” the tentative ones?


  1. Congrats Robin! I am so happy for you. I actually do still keep a paper calendar for our house and sometimes I will write a tentative plan in pencil. I keep it in the kitchen closet….it is the family calendar so that everyone can look to see where mom or dad is driving that

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