Watermelon juice + honeysuckle simple syrup + vodka = really great cocktail

Backyard Picnic Bradford: Watermelon juice, honeysuckle simple syrup, lemon balm, lemon juice & vodka | southjerseylocavore.comEvery Friday on my MNN blog, I do a drinks post. It varies between reviews of sustainable wines, beers or spirits and original cocktail creations. Last week’s creation was so good, I had to share it here, too. I created a cocktail I called the Backyard Picnic Bradford. I used honeysuckle and lemon balm from my back yard (doesn’t get any more local than that), the watermelon makes it picnicky, and a Bradford is a drink – usually a martini –  that’s been shaken and served straight up.

Here’s what you’ll need for this summery cocktail.

  • Watermelon juice (blend watermelon cubes in a blender until they’re liquid. Then run the liquid through a sieve to make it smooth.)
  • Honeysuckle syrup
  • lemon balm leaves
  • fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • vodka

Head over to Mother Nature Network for the recipe. I served this to friends on Friday night, and they loved it. One didn’t want the lemon balm in it, and she enjoyed it without. And, if you don’t have honeysuckle, regular simple syrup will work in this cocktail.



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