Philly brothers from Green Aisle Grocery make their Food Network debut tonight

Adam and Andrew Erace |

Philadelphia’s Adam and Andrew Erace of Green Aisle Grocery and the new Food Network Show “Great American Food Finds.”

If you frequent the Collingswood Farmers Market, you’ve probably stopped at the Green Aisle Grocery table and bought preserves or pickles or any one of their locally sourced and made artisan foods. I have a jar of La Hing Peach preserves from Green Aisle in my fridge now that I pair with really good cheddar cheese. Just a small dollop makes for a real treat.

If you’ve ever been to their East Passyunk store in Philadelphia (I have not), you’ll find what they sell at the farmers market as well as fresh produce, meat, eggs and more. The “they” I’m referring to is Adam and Andrew Erace, the brothers who opened the store in 2009.

Tonight, the brothers who are passionate about knowing your food comes star in Great American Food Finds on the Food Network.

On their new series, brothers Adam and Andrew Erace are tracking down little-known purveyors from coast to coast as they seek out the best bites in the country and introduce fans to their favorite products. Take a peek to see what’s in store.

How cool is it at that two of our region’s own who are as passionate about local foods as we are have their own Food Network show? I haven’t had cable TV in years so I won’t be able to watch it, but between this, and the fact that Valerie Bertinelli is also debuting her own cooking show on Food Network this weekend (I have a total girl crush on her), I’m wishing I at least had Food Network right now.

If you get the Food Network, tune in tonight at 9:30 pm and support out local locavores.


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