robin-shreeves-head-shotAbout the blog

South Jersey Locavore is a round-up of sources for local foods and beverages, events that feature local foods, and restaurants that support local agriculture (plus other miscellaneous things that I think would interest my readers).

In March 2010, a little over a year after the site was launched, South Jersey Locavore was featured in The New York Times piece, A Vibrant Culture of Food Blogging. It’s not just the food blogging in our state that’s vibrant; it’s the food itself.  New Jersey is The Garden State after all, and we have amazing food, wine and beer that comes from hard working, dedicated producers.

I’m a locavore wannabe. I understand that in the South Jersey region getting all of the food for my family from local sources year-round would be possible, but extremely difficult. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be a 100% locavore, but I’d like to get as much as I can from local sources when things are in season.

I found that one of the problems I had in buying food from local sources is that I didn’t know what all the local sources were. So I set out to find them. And since I’m a writer and a blogger, it was only natural for me to want to start a blog to share what I’m finding.

You can contact me at robin at shreeves dot net if you have leads on sources for local foods that I haven’t covered. And since this blog is just in its infancy, there’s a lot I haven’t covered – yet.

About me

I’m Robin Shreeves, wife, mom to two fabulous boys, and a work at home freelance writer. I’d point you to my writer’s website but it’s painfully out of date. Instead, I’ll just point you to some of my online writing.

Mother Nature Network – I’m the eco-friendly food blogger for Mother Nature Network – an online news site that features all things environmental.

Green Options Network – Green Options is one of the most respected environmental blog networks online. I write occasionally for two of their blogs Sustainablog and Eat.Drink.Better. Here’s my author’s page.

A Little Greener Every Day – My personal blog of my family’s green journey where I write about the things I’ve learned.