Watermelon juice + honeysuckle simple syrup + vodka = really great cocktail

Backyard Picnic Bradford: Watermelon juice, honeysuckle simple syrup, lemon balm, lemon juice & vodka | southjerseylocavore.com

Every Friday on my MNN blog, I do a drinks post. It varies between reviews of sustainable wines, beers or spirits and original cocktail creations. Last week’s creation was so good, I had to share it here, too. I created a cocktail I called the Backyard Picnic Bradford. I used honeysuckle and lemon balm from my […]

Collingswood’s Mac ‘N Beer Fest, April 23

Collingswood's Mac 'N Beer Fest | south jerseylocavore.com

Somehow this Thursday night’s Mac ‘N Beer Fest in Collingswood didn’t get on my radar until I opened an email from The Tortilla Press today. I can’t believe it’s been five years since I first went to The Mighty Mac & Cheese Battle at the The Tortilla Press Cantina. At that event, 12 South Jersey restaurants competed […]

Must-know-about weekend events: An art open house tour in SJ and a food & farm fest in Philly

4 Towns 4 Arts | southjerseylocavore.com

November. I haven’t posted since November. And it’s April. Do you want to know how busy I’ve been? Of course, you don’t. So I’m just going to jump back in to posting all about our fabulous region, its great local foods and where to find them, the restaurants that support our local producers, the events that […]