This tweet just in: Springdale Farms opens today for the season!

  From @springdalefarms Stay Calm…. We are open and have fresh hot apple code donuts!    

Locavore odds and ends: It’s almost farmers market time!

One week from tomorrow, I’ll be skipping through the Collingswood Farmers Market. Maybe not literally skipping, but my heart will be skipping. Opening day is one of my favorite days of the year. Before Collingswood, though, the Westmont Farmers Market will have its opening day on Wednesday, May 2. We’ve got a Little League game […]

Locavore odds and ends: Local food swaps, asparagus is here, and more

The winter (that didn’t seem like winter) flew by. I chose to put this blog on a temporary hiatus to work on some other projects, but now that spring is here and the promise of local foods, farmers markets, food and wine festivals, and bursting backyard gardens is in the air, it’s time to revive […]