Locavore odds and ends: Don’t forget to Stamp Out Hunger

Before I get into the odds and ends, I have a very important reminder. Tomorrow is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. As I told you a couple of weeks ago, your mail carriers will be collecting bags of non-perishable foods when they deliver your mail. You may have received a special bag in the […]

Making sure your New Jersey seafood is sustainable

There was an article last week on NJ.com about how the oil spill in the Gulf is going to affect seafood availability and general and how it will affect the New Jersey seafood industry. Specifically, it mentions that with the possibility of seafood being scarce from the gulf region, there is an “opportunity to spotlight […]

Local food at the grocery store

I was bombarded with signs for local food at the Cherry Hill Wegmans yesterday. The scallops sign was outside the store and the other two were very prominently displayed as soon as I entered the store. Looks like grocery stores, or at least Wegmans, are beginning to recognize that local is important to people. What […]