Frozen strawberry daiquiris with local honey

A couple of years ago when I discovered the incredible flavor difference between local honey and the pale stuff they put in plastic bears at the grocery store, I was hooked. I wasn’t much of a honey eater until I discovered the good stuff. I bought a jar of Bob’s Buzzy Bees Wildflower Honey produced […]

Locavore odds and ends: Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries

I went strawberry picking at Springdale Farm yesterday. I brought home just over nine pounds of perfectly ripe, beautiful strawberries then proceeded to make a mess of my kitchen baking away. I made Ina Garten’s Lemon Honey Pound Cake from her “Back to Basics” cookbook (so good) for dessert last night. I added lightly sweetened […]

An urban foraging map of Philadelphia

My interest in urban foraging has been growing lately. Last fall, when I visited Persimmon Creek Vineyards in Georgia, Mary Ann Hardman, one of the vineyards owners, would stop from time to time as she was showing me around, pick something green off the ground and say, “Did you know you can eat this?” There […]