Locavore odds and ends: NJ has a pending single-use bag tax and more

Happy New Year! It’s been the longest three-day week, hasn’t it? Has it really only been three days since New Year’s Day? I’m very happy today is Friday. Here are a few items I think will interest my locavore-leaning, sustainability-loving readers. New Jersey has a pending single-use bag tax (or surcharge if you like the […]

Why we need to care about California’s Proposition 37 here in New Jersey

There’s a proposition on California’s ballot that you need to be aware of. It’s Proposition 37, and if it passes, California will be the first state to require that groceries that contain genetically modified ingredients, also known as GMOs and GEs, be labeled. According to Ballot Pedia, here’s what the bill is about.  Require labeling […]

Victory! The wine shipping bill has passed!

Congratulations to the NJ state wineries on their well-deserved victory late last night! I spent most of the day yesterday checking Facebook and Twitter for updates on what was happening with the wine shipping bill that was being voted on in the Assembly. Finally, at a little after 11pm, Sharrott Winery tweeted this: Bill passed […]