Cranberry Mule Mocktail

Cranberry Mule Mocktail |

Last I heard, New Jersey was the third largest cranberry producing state in the country. Lots of the tart berries that end up as jellies and relishes for Thanksgiving come right from the Garden State. Cranberries and their juice are also wonderful in drinks, and I created two cranberry mocktail recipes (non-alcoholic cocktails) for Mother Nature Network. […]

How to make Rhubarb Shrub Syrup, or welcome to my new obession

Rhubarb Shrub Syrup |

At the Philly Farm & Food Fest, I bought a bottle of Tait Farm Ginger Shrub, and since then I’ve been a bit obsessed with shrubs. A shrub is a concentrated syrup made of fruit, sugar and vinegar. Recipes for shrub syrups date back to Colonial times when the syrups were created as a way […]

Make this: Cherry Cobbler for Two from Jo Cooks

Individual Cherry Cobbler |

I bought a bunch of cherries to make a Roasted Cherry and Sage Cocktail (so good!) that I posted about on MNN. I had quite a bit leftover, but not enough to make a whole pie or cobbler. So I made the Cherry Cobbler for Two from the Jo Cooks blog. I actually made it for […]