Yum! Local Courtland apples with cheddar cheese

I didn’t cook dinner last night. We went to a 4:30 movie (Trouble with the Curve) and no one was hungry when we got home. Somewhere around 8:30 while we were watching the last two episodes of Go On (really, really good, funny show – you need to see it), I decided to make us […]

When you can’t get to the farmers market

I haven’t been to the farmers market in weeks. Both of our boys are playing fall baseball and our Saturdays have become nothing but baseball. I miss the farmers market. I miss my sources for grass fed beef and the fresh, crisp apples that are abundant right now. You don’t know how unappealing the grocery […]

Locavore odds and ends

We’ve been switching my other personal blog, A Little Greener Every Day, over to WordPress and it will be back up this Monday. Now that the switch is done, I’ll be able to post more regularly here. Thank you for your patience. Grab a cup of coffee and read through this weeks Locavore odds and […]