Two very easy things you can do to help fight hunger

Food Bloggers Against Hunger |

Today I’m joining over 150 other food bloggers, The Giving Table, and the makers of the film “A Place at the Table” for Food Bloggers Against Hunger, a day where food bloggers dedicate a post to the cause. I’m asking you to join us all in the fight against hunger by doing two very simple things. […]

Locavore odds and ends: Congratulations to one of our own, tackling food insecurity and more

Tara Nurin and Robin Shreeves |

I ate a really great restaurant yesterday in the Princeton area that I can’t wait to tell you about, so you’ll have to keep your eye out for that next week. I also have some fun plans in the works for a collaboration with John and Lisa from Eating in South Jersey that should materialize […]

Where can you raise a pint and say, “FU Sandy?”

  Flying Fish’s latest brew, F.U. Sandy will be showing up on taps all over the Philadelphia/NJ region in the next week. Sales from the proceeds of the beer that let’s Superstorm Sandy know she is “forever unloved” (that’s what the F.U. stands for, right?) will go to a charity dealing with disaster relief. Here’s a […]