End of season tomato bumper crop? Try oven drying them.

oven dried for sjl

Yesterday, I oven-dried a bunch of grape tomatoes. I’d love to tell you they came from my own garden, but my garden got incredibly neglected this summer and produced very little. These were given to me by someone, and I thought I’d try sun drying them. When I read about sun drying, I wasn’t sure […]

Locavore odds and ends: It’s almost farmers market time!


One week from tomorrow, I’ll be skipping through the Collingswood Farmers Market. Maybe not literally skipping, but my heart will be skipping. Opening day is one of my favorite days of the year. Before Collingswood, though, the Westmont Farmers Market will have its opening day on Wednesday, May 2. We’ve got a Little League game […]

Couple quick things

Real quick post today. Two events for you to be aware of: It’s Kids Restaurant Week at both Tortilla Press and Tortilla Press Cantina. $9.99 for three courses for kids, and not a chicken nugget in site. The event runs through Friday, September 2. and The 4th Annual Troubadour Tomato Taste Off will be held […]